Perfumes for hair: Know 8 options to leave your hair smelling

Worried about external odors that end up impregnating your hair? Smoke, pollution, fats and others end up being “stuck” to the hair during the day and a very interesting solution are the perfumes for hair.

The vast majority, in addition to leaving a smell, also brings softness, shine and does not leave oily threads. As it is something very interesting, today we will be talking a little more about some existing brands in the market.

Using perfume for hair

Like other hair products, perfume for hair is easy to apply. You only need to spray a small amount on dry hair preferably and then wait until it dries naturally. Don’t spray too close, a foot away is already a good size.

You can spray the perfume on your brush as well and then apply it to your hair.

Very simple isn’t it?

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Discover 8 perfume options to leave your hair smelling

Among some of the options for you that are interested are:

Acquaflora Hair Mist – High price

This is a perfume that besides the pleasant aroma, also avoids static in the hair. It provides shine and has a long lasting effect, which can last up to 24 hours.

It does not leave residues and does not influence the texture of the hair, that is, it does not make them heavier, a great option for those who do not want to have their curls affected.

Kamaleãozinho Strawberry Hair Perfume – Average price

If you want a product that is not tested on animals or has animal ingredients, then you are looking for Kamaleon products.

In this perfume with strawberry fragrance, the smell is very tasty. It has a good duration and ends up being very striking. The bottle is very cool, where you can always carry it in your bag.

Dellara Super Star Shine Hair Perfume – High price

For those who are looking for intense shine, good duration, pleasant aroma, Dellara is the right choice. Despite having a higher price, the duration of hair is what pays off.

The smell is not nauseating, which allows you to use your traditional perfume, along with the perfume for hair. Also, don’t worry about heavy wires and neither with greasiness.

Perfume Natura Plant – High price

Natura is one of the most popular brands in Brazil. She also started a line of perfumes for the hair, which offers an anti-frizz effect in addition to the shine and aroma.

The packaging is also interesting because it is compact, ideal to be constant in your bag and retouch that late afternoon.

Natura Plant does not leave hair damp or with a gooey appearance, it only fulfills its obligation, which is to keep the hair fragrant.

Gloss Effects Tratta Brasil – Average price

With an oriental floral aroma, the Gloss Effects perfume leaves your hair very fragrant for a long time. In addition it helps the hair to become softer, increases the shine, decreases frizz and brings that feeling of renewal to the strands.

Love My Hair C. Kamura – Average price

For those looking for hair hydration in addition to the pleasant aroma, you can choose Love My Hair C. Kamura. That’s because the formula of this perfume has a good amount of D-Panthenol.

It helps to reduce frizz and its fragrance is fruity floral, very interesting. At the beginning of the application it gets stronger, but throughout the day it gets softer. However, the duration period is quite long, being a good cost x benefit.

Intense Shine Smell – High price

Intense Shine offers a good fixation, shine and helps in the smoothness of hair. It has a very delicious fragrance, without being nauseating and with a long-lasting effect.

Probelle Essential Hair – High price

For those who love the citrus scent, Probelle Essencial Hair, has a fragrance that contains tangerine (bergamot), pineapple and other elements that make this aroma so delicious, such as jasmine, violet, papaya, amber, musk and others.

It is a perfume that offers good fixation and has an almost immediate effect. Its shine is very noticeable, there is a soft touch that leaves your hair more silky, fragrant and very beautiful.

Remembering that these are just some of the market options.

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